Friday, August 29, 2008

Hey Everyone!

Gah! Been a little while since I posted another blog.. :D This has been fun.. Uhm. Well. I got a new boyfriend.. Pally and I didn't work out.. BUT we remain friends.. Anyhow. The New boyfriend is Ever.... And Oh EM Gee! He rules my pants.. Gah! I could pinch his cheeks cause he is so cute. Anyhow. Yeah... Here take a look see..

Yup, that is us. :DD He rocks.. Anyhow.. Let me stop being all googly. Hehe.. So yeah. Man, Been Crazy IRL.. haven't done much of anything.. OOH.. I made new friends... OMG! They are crazy! LIKE ME! I love them to death.. Yeah, I am talking about you... Grape, Rommi, Abbi, Rikki, Kael, J, Syn, Kenji, Ginger, Brock, Felicia, Cruz, Bugsy, Kat.. Fanks guys, You rule my anus. :D

Uhm.. Here are a few pictures to look at of them lovely peoples.. :D

There, Some pictures to see... :D You like? I love... Woo.

Anyhow.. So my studio is open!!! EL BEE Photography.. It is rocking it.. You guys should look in my profile in SL and come see it, A little small place that is nice to take awesome pictures. I made those pictures above.. So you can see too. Things are going nicely. :DDD Yay!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happiness... :D

Hey Everyone...Anyone....Someone... :D Hi!
Morning rather.. It is 9am here.. But that is aside from what I wanted to talk about today. So anyhow.. My SL partner returned on monday! And we took a few juicy pictures.. I missed that crazy boy! Here is my favorite.. :D

Isn't that steamy! Anyhow, That is Pally and I.. Glad he is back.. And I got my studio up and running.. Not much activity has been going on there yet since I have to set it in classifieds and in the general search. I know if you search up EL BEE and TMC Photography it will pop up due to my profile but, It needs more since I don't have much company there yet. But yeah, my rates are pretty resonable.. :D I love doing pictures. You can check out my two flickr sites with my pictures on em.. Be my friend on there, which ever you choose.. :D

(Please feel free to check those two pages out.. Tell me what you think.. :D)

Anyhow.. I just wanted to update everyone on my progress, and write another blog for everyone to read. Please stop by my studio or message me in world if you like what you seen on my flickr pages!

Hope you have a lovely day and thanks for reading again... Hope to keep them coming, and find my nitch and keep people interested... Adios..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So today is the 15th of July. :D

Hello. :D Erm. Today is the first day I ever thought about actually writing blogs.. Everyone I know has one, done one, created one, whichever one.. Lol. So, I thought, "Hell, I doubt anyone will read what I have to write, but I will do it too..." And I chose to use Laniberger because it has association with my Second Life avatar.. Lailani Ginsberg.. (She's a hot beast!) And yes, I am addicted to Second Life like (almost) the rest of the world. I have no idea where this bloging idea will lead to or if it will even lead.. But whatever. And I have no idea what I will write here, or anything.. Gah.. This is so odd. Anyhow. I just wanted to get things started here.. In hopes it will be interesting and fun to diddle with. I may begin blogging about hot clothes I have or found in Second Life or awesome people I meet, or cool new places I find or hangout at. The world, Second Life and I may never know. Ah, And in Second Life, I am apart of Nex-Core Modeling.. Also, I am a photographer... Seems these days everyone is.. But, I been on and off for a few years now.. I am sure some to come I will speak of it more.. until then...Weeee! This sounds like fun.. Cheers, To all you readers, Fellow Bloggers, and the future people to come... Adios...
Thanks for reading. :D

Andddd. This down here is my Second Life Avatar.. if you were curious. :D